We believe independent advisors should be creative, reactive, experts in their field, provide superior quantitative and qualitative analysis, free from conflicts of interest, and focused on the client’s needs.

As a boutique, with no capital markets research or loans provided, entirely owned by the partners, we can offer totally independent and tailor made advice and execution. Moreover, we build a practice with a limited number of mandates, working for one client only per industry at a time, ensuring a conflict free situation and no arbitrage. Ethics and proper governance stemming from our families’ tradition, Senior Advisors and non profit involvements are keys to our success and long term vision.

Each of our mandates is tailor-made. Every corporate, private equity or project transaction is strategically and financially analyzed as a unique deal with personalized service and without previously made models. In Mergers and Acquisitions we provide a synergy analysis to find each pocket of value and obtain the maximum value for all parties. Our principal and industrial approach also enhances our sensitivity to performance, value, management and process. In Asset Management we also provide a complete due diligence as well as a qualitative analysis thanks to personal relationship with the asset managers.

The experience of our Senior Advisors as well as our partners in the U.S. and Europe, in international and cross-border small to large size transactions, produces a unique knowledge on local and global strategic advice, sophisticated analysis, negotiation strategies and legal documentation.

To align ourselves with the interest of our client and to ensure full dedication, as well as offer the client full discretion regarding the decision making, our Corporate Finance and M&A fees are structured around a retainer and a success fee. We intend the success fee to be partly paid in equity of the target company (sell-side), the holding set up for the acquisition (buy-side)/the project company or the combined entity (merger-of-equals) highlighting the objectivity of our advisory. We believe that such risk taking and type of fee structure aligns all interests (target, investor, project company/consortium and advisor).

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