- French-American Foundation
Promotes French-American relations. Co-created by the de Gunzburg family 35 years ago in France and the USA.

- The Travellers / Association
pour la Sauvegarde de la

Anglo-Saxon men club created in Paris in 1903.
- Fondation Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
Foundation aiming to facilitate access to (cross-)culture, education and knowledge in order to fight social inequalities. Founded by Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy in Paris in 2010.
World’s oldest and largest NGO dedicated to education, which educated 3,000,000 people in 100 countries for over 130 years. Co-created by the de Gunzburg family in St. Petersburg in 1880.
- Universite Pierre et Marie
Curie (U.P.M.C.)
Leading French scientific and medical university.
- Institut du Cerveau et de la
Moëlle Epinière
Medical research foundation for neurological and spinal cord/bone marrow. Founded by Pr. Gérard Saillant, Pr. Yves Agid and Pr. Olivier Lyon-Caen in Paris (Medical and Health Advisor to French President Hollande).
- Association Monegasque Pour
la recherche sur la maladie
d'Alzheimer (A.M.P.A)
Non-Profit dedicated to the research on Alzeihmer. Founded by Mrs. Pastor in Monaco.
- Paris Myeloma 2011
World medical conference on myeloma, held in 2011 in Paris. Non-profit co-founded by Pr. Jean-Paul Fermand, Pr. Thierry Facon & Pr. Philippe Moreau and the de Gunzburg family in Paris in 2009.
- Fondation Francaise pour la
Recherche sur le Myelome et
les Gammapthies (F.F.R.M.G.)
French Foundation for the Research on Myeloma and Gammapathies. Co-created by Pr. Fermand, Pr. Facon & Pr. Moreau and the de Gunzburg family in Paris in 2011.
- de Gunzburg Myeloma
Research Foundation
Fundamental medical foundation for the research on myeloma and gammapathies. Created by the de Gunzburg family in the USA in 2012.
- Myeloma U.K.
Registered as a charity in 1997, Myeloma U.K. is the only organization in the UK focused on accelerating the discovery and development and access to new myeloma treatments.
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