La Financière de Réalisation et Co-Développement (“Findercod”) is a European financial advisory boutique. Findercod was founded more than 10 years ago in February 2003 as a European platform for US and international institutional investors/clients. The firm provides (i) investment banking (transaction origination and execution) and corporate finance, (ii) investment, and (iii) asset management services in the corporate, alternative and asset management areas.

Findercod also developed an innovative deconsolidating long term alternative financing solution (the “Financing Solution” / “DAFS”) to help (i) corporates finance their projects, hereby enabling accelerated growth and enhanced financial ratios/health of corporates, (ii) create employment and add real value to the economy, while (iii) providing a low-risk recurring and rewarding investment product for institutional investors. 

Findercod is addressed principally to the senior management of large companies, their subsidiaries, as well as to mid-size companies, funds, institutional investors, qualified family offices and HNWI, foundations and non-profits.

Findercod will also potentially act as a financial sponsor/co-investor in transactions in the private equity and investment areas that can provide superior risk adjusted/returns.

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